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Corporate Apparel

Corporate Apparel builds awareness and visibility for your company while giving staff a professional appearance. Wearing a company logo demonstrates a sense of pride in your organization and serves as a walking advertisement. Choose from a multitude of styles, fabrics and colors to create the “look and feel” of your company.

Caps & Hats

Talk about a walking billboard for your company, product, or service… our caps and hats carry your message around town wherever you go and ensure that your message is spread everywhere. Adding your logo to a promotional hat or cap is an inexpensive, yet effective way to share your message… and the possibilities are endless!

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FlyinNeedle offers a new generation of versatile outerwear. While comfort is key, our extensive collection of high-quality, custom outerwear also offers a wide variety of designs that appeal to every lifestyle.

Personalized Gifts

Give a gift that will be remembered long after the special occasion ends, with one of the myriad of items available from FlyinNeedle. Gifts can include items that can be used in the home or office.

Team Apparel

Nothing shows team spirit better than embroidered or imprinted team apparel. FlyinNeedle has a wide variety of many warm-ups to choose from. Sports items such as stadium blankets, backpacks, or sports bags are also a great way to promote your team.


FlyinNeedle offers a variety of workwear with comfort and style. Safety is a key componant for any business, provide reflective apparel so your workers stand out.